Physician CME requirement by state

A cool visualization of how many continuing medical education credits physicians need to earn in each state:

Announcing our CME Course Search Tool

Searching for continuing medical education courses is always a bit frustrating; there's a ton of courses out there, but it's not organized in any usable fashion. We decided to change that. We've built a database of CME courses that's easily searchable, with information on pricing, number of credits, location, and more. Additionally, we've placed all that information on an interactive map, so if you want to find CME courses in Hawaii, the Caribbean, or Europe, just use the map and the interactive filters to narrow your choices. 

This is a better way to find continuing medical education courses:

CME courses on a map, searchable via CMElog.

Announcing CMElog Enterprise

Announcing CMElog Enterprise

I'm REALLY excited to announce that today we are launching CMElog Enterprise, and rebranding the original free version as CMElog Public. 

CMElog Enterprise is a powerful paid online application which allows an organization to manage, oversee, backup, and report on all of its providers' CME credits and credentialing certificates (e.g., medical licenses, ACLS, DEAs, ATLS, NRP,  etc.) with a simple and intuitive interface.

This sort of credentialing software can help organization manage the complexity of dozens of different certificates and licenses for each healthcare provider, each one expiring on different days. 

Whereas previously one may have used email and an Excel spreadsheet to try to track everything, in the modern age we use powerful databases and automated processes. Such tools allows us to do a better job *and* waste less time!

Announcing CMElog Credentials

Announcing CMElog Credentials

We are excited to announce that physicians, physician assistants, nurses, and other healthcare professionals can now use the free version of CMElog to not only track CME credits but also upload, organize, backup, and retrieve their healthcare credentials. 

All healthcare providers are obligated to keep up-to-date records of all of their medical licensures, including state licenses, board licenses, ACLS, ATLS, PALS, NRP, and DEA licenses.

Now, providers can track all of these various document easily with the same easy-to-use interface they were using for tracking CME. 

Earn CME while using PEPID and UpToDate

Many of my fellow physicians don't know that they can easily earn Continuing Medical Education credits simply by doing what they are already doing, namely, using PEPID (the best Emergency Medicine smartphone app) and UpToDate

My experience is that each topic search earns my 0.5 hours of level I CME in either product. Each product does take a little bit of set up, to make sure you earn your CME, but the set up is not difficult. 

Finances of Continuing Medical Education

Finances of Continuing Medical Education

Since CME courses are often quite expensive, you might be surprised to find out that 60% of CME providers' income comes from "for-profit support," which is defined as "commercial support and advertising income" from industry. That means that as much as CME providers are earning from your course fees, they are earning even more from industry support. 

"... the combided for-profit support... represented 60.6% of total income."

How to build applications without programming

As promised in my Emergency Medicine News article, I will be hosting an online video session on June 16th in which I will reveal the "guts" of and how I built the processes that automatically extract information from emails, parse the information, then deposit the information into a database. 

I built the processes using the following tools:

  • Google Sheets and Google Drive
  • Zapier (multi-step zaps are essential!)
  • Mailchimp 
  • ... with a little bit of very simple custom Javascript. 

If you want to learn how to make simple applications using some of the above tools, then sign up below for our free interactive session, and we will email you shortly with details about our event.

Note: After clicking "Sign Up" below, you will receive an email requesting confirmation; you MUST confirm, otherwise you will not receive a spot in the online session. This is a necessary step to prevent spam. 

Online Session Sign Up

Even if you can't make the June 16th session, sign up anyways, so that we can send you a link for a recording of the event.