What is cmelog.org?

Cmelog.org is a free tool that helps healthcare providers easily capture, store, and log their CME (Continuing Medical Education) credits. This tool is provided as a free service to the healthcare community. 

Why should I use cmelog.org?

  • It’s the easiest way to keep track of your CME.
  • You’re not as organized as  you want to be.
  • You hate scrolling through your documents and email history last minute trying to make sure you’re compliant with your credentialing requirements.
  • You don’t want to lose your job or your license. 

Just forward each of your certificates to cme@cmelog.org, and our system does the rest automatically. 

How do I use cmelog.org?

You DON'T have to pre-register in order to start using cmelog! Just start using it. How? Just email your first CME certificate to cme@cmelog.org, with the number of credits in the subject line. Example:

Each CME email submission must have TWO (2) things:

1. An attachment (the CME certificate)

2. The number of CME credits in the subject line (as a number, and nothing else in the subject line)

We tried to build the easiest possible system. When you send your first CME certificate, our system will look at your email address to ascertain whether you are already in our database. If you are not in our database, an account is automatically generated for you, using your email address as the account login. All future CME certificates sent by you from the same email address will automatically be associated with your account.
Our system will automatically assign the SEND DATE of your email as the date the CME was earned. If this is not correct, you can easily edit all aspects of each submission by logging in: LOGIN.

What is my password?

Your initial password can be set in either of two ways:

  • If you created your account by sending a CME certificate, then both your login and your password will be initialized to be your email address. We strongly recommend that you login and change your password after account creation.
  • If you created your account by going to our website Sign Up process, then you set your own initial password.

How do I reset my password?

Password resetting is done as a manual process. If you need your password resent, please email info@cmelog.org.

How much time does it take to process my CME submission? 

Our automated system processes CME submissions approximately every 5-15 minutes, so it may take 5-15 minutes to receive your automated submission confirmations and log and balance requests.

How do I obtain my CME log?

Two ways:

  1. A brief version of your log can be obtained by simply sending an email to cme@cmelog.org with the word “log” as the subject (without quotation marks).
  2. A more detailed version of your log can be obtained by logging in: LOGIN.

How do I obtain my CME balance?

Two ways:

  1. Your current year’s CME balance can be obtained by simply sending an email to cme@cmelog.org with the word “balance” as the subject (without quotation marks).
  2. More details about your balance can be obtained by logging in: LOGIN.

Tell me more about how my CME credits are automatically captured.

Our system automatically processes emails sent to cme@cmelog.org. The automated process looks at the following factors:

  • Does the email have an attachment? 
    • If it does not have an attachment, then the email will be ignored. If for some reason you don’t have your certificate as a digital attachment (i.e., PDF, JPG, GIF, PNG, DOC) then simply snap a picture of your certificate and send the picture as your attachment. If you’re still confused, send us an email at info@cmelog.org asking for help.
    • If the email does have an attachment, the attachment is automatically extracted and stored in our cloud database system and linked to your CMElog.org account. 
  • Is there a number in the subject line?
    • We extract the number from the subject line of your email and store that value as the number of credits associated with this CME. If there is no number in the subject line, the field is left empty in our database. You can subsequently login and add/edit the number of credits directly in the system. 
  • Who sent the email? 
    • If the email address is already in our database, then the CME credit is applied to that account. If the address is not in our database, a new account is created for that email address. This means you should always send CME credits from the same email account!
  • Is there any text in the body of the email?
    • Any text in the body of the email will be saved as as notes associated with the CME credit. These can be edited and/or removed by logging in.
  • What is the filename of the attachment?
    • The attachment’s filename will be extracted and used as the title of the CME credit. You can login to edit the title.
  • When was the email sent?
    • The date of the email is automatically extracted and used as the date the CME was earned. We encourage you to forward your CME credits to cme@cmelog.org the same day you receive them. If you need to change the date of a CME credit, you can do so by logging in to your account: LOGIN

What sort of backup is there of the CMElog.org system?

We do keep backups of all CME submissions in a secure cloud database system separate from our main system. However, not even “the big boys” (Apple, Google, etc.) can promise 100% uptime. It is recommended that you keep your own backup of your CME credits, just like you would for any other important documents or pictures. As long as you don’t erase your emails sent to us, those emails may be able to act as your backup. 

What if I need help?

Email us at info@cmelog.org.

How can I become a sponsor?

Email us at info@cmelog.org and put “sponsor” in your subject line.